Monday, September 20, 2010

Creativity Unavailable!

I am such a slacker! Sorry for not keeping up with blogging. I have found that I am not creative at all, and I'm sure you are tired of reading and reading my thoughts, with no creativity behind it!

Not much has been going on. I've been keeping myself rather busy, I'm not home much unless I'm sleeping.

Our AC went out AGAIN! Hubby and I both are losing our patience with the company our warranty sent us to. It's who we used last time, and their customer service is horrible. Hubby called the warranty this morning, and they said to call them again tomorrow morning if we haven't heard anything from the AC company. So far...nothing.

At least the temperature isn't in the 90's like it was last time our AC quit.

I have jumped back on the bandwagon with weight watchers. Plus, I have added exercising to my weight loss goal! I wasn't doing that last time. My goal is to head to the gym every day that I'm off work. So far, I have been successful! Granted, I've only done it for a week ;)

The fair is in town! I haven't been in 3-4 years, and plan on going tomorrow for lunch and eating all the fried goodiness (notice that weight watchers will NOT be in my plan tomorrow!)

And..that's it. I'll leave you with a picture :) This is when the hubby and I first met and were "thinking" about dating. (2003)


Monday, September 13, 2010


Deployment Goals

1. Trim the Trees out front
2. Completely finish the flooring in our spare bedrooms
3. Fix the Gate on the side of our house
4. Lose 30-40 lbs, 2 pant sizes, and a shirt size
5. Reduce the amount of Sticky notes I use on a daily basis!
6. Absorb myself in God's Word
7. Pray on my knees all the time for my husband
8. Pray that God opens his heart while he is gone
9. Save, Save, Save!
10. Pay off as much debt as possible
11. Buy a new dining room set. I am in love with this:


And finally, keep myself as busy as possible!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Farewell Ceremony

Farewell Ceremony
August 30-31



Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Sorry guys, I took a blog hiatus. And much longer than I anticipated!
I have pictures on my camera, and will hopefully load them on here for you to see soon!
I sent the hubby off last week for his mobilization.
I am handling it well so far. The first day home without him was rough.
And my first night back to work was emotional. I have such wonderful co-workers who are genuinely concerned for me. They made me cry as soon as I walked in the door!
I am off work for 8 days as of now, we will see how I can handle that. I have been really busy since the hubby left. I haven't had much time to think about him not being home. Hopefully I will be able to find enough things to keep me busy during the next week.

The upside to all this is, I get to see the hubby one more time before he goes
overseas. He gets a 4 day pass after his mobilization and before the actual deployment.
So there is a blessing. I'm sure it will be harder to leave him the second time, knowing I won't see him for several months. That, and worrying about his safety.

I have a dilemma. There are going to be frequent days that my time will need to be
occupied. I would love to call several of you to hang out, but most of my friends work 8-5 jobs.
I do not. So, if you do not work an 8-5 job and would be available during the afternoon
to just hang out, would you let me know? And I don't want to impose on
anybody's lives. So don't feel obligated, because that won't help me out.
I don't want to feel guilty.

This is a random post. I apologize.
I plan on changing the look of my blog in the near future.
My good friend Libby has sent me to a blog tutorial site.
It looks like it is going to require a lot of my attention.
So please be patient as I figure the html out!