Monday, August 16, 2010

Yellow Ribbon

Here are pictures from hubby's yellow ribbon ceremony. We had a fun time with friends. Also had a lot of information overload with military briefings on what to expect and prepare for while hubby is deployed. Had some crazy emotions all weekend, but we still had fun!

Hubby and his army buddy playing with "Bevo"

Snuggle time!! :)
I absolutely love this picture :)

Posing with the tank!

We have less than 2 weeks before hubby starts his

I discovered this past weekend the real meaning of
"hurry up and wait."
Even though hubby said it wasn't that bad, and
he usually ends up waiting a lot longer than we did on Saturday.

We ate at Landry's Seafood Friday night with his buddies,
and had an absolute blast!
I am super proud of my hubby, who is one of the pickiest eaters I know.
He ended up trying chilled shrimp cocktail, fried alligator, fried oyster,
and king crab legs and loving every bit of it!
You have no idea how happy that makes me.
All because his buddies make him try things.
I told them their next task during this deployment was to
get him to eat more veggies and fruit.
We shall see what kind of eater my husband is when he comes home next year!

Thursday, August 12, 2010


It's been busy around here.
Getting the hubby ready for deployment.
We are both officially off work now, until he leaves.

We went camping in the canyon last night for some quiet time just the two of us.
Had some good conversation that was needed.
I think we are finally on the same page about certain aspects of our marriage.
It was a long time coming.
It's amazing how easily things can fall apart when there is so much stress going on!
Anyway, here are the pictures I got while camping.


We went high-tech while camping. I don't do well to just sit there
and not have anything to do. A movie was a good idea!

Our baby girl, Blaze camping and getting spoiled rotten with
all the attention she got from mom and dad!

We are heading to El Paso tomorrow for the weekend.
It's hubby's Yellow Ribbon Ceremony with the Army.
I plan on taking pictures and hopefully getting another post up next week.
So stay tuned!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

26 days

26 days.

26 days until my husband leaves.

26 days of trying my best not to lose my mind.

26 days of survival. 26 days of patience.

26 days of closing my eyes and wishing the time would stand still.

26 days of loving on my husband, and trying my best to not let the little things bother me.

26 days of keeping my emotions and feelings in check.

26 days of trying not to overwhelm my husband with all that is going on inside my mind.

26 days of supporting him.

26 days of praying on my knees.